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IDAutomation Support Forum Terms and Conditions

The purpose of the IDAutomation Support Forum is to provide a community for support, solutions to common issues and implementations based on IDAutomation’s products and barcode symbologies.

How it Works:

  • Look for answers first and if you do not find a solution post a question.
  • Make your question private, if your question contains private information for Admin staff only to see.
  • Answers will be emailed to you; select the best answer or post another comment.
  • Answered questions open for more than 3 days without a comment may be closed by Admins.
  • To make threads relevant for other users, admins may re-word questions, answers and delete unnecessary comments before closing the question.
  • Admins may choose to make a private question public after removing all private data if the thread can be helpful to other users.
  • Spam and questions that do not offer information helpful to other users will be deleted.
  • Feel free to comment on any answer or question thread as you would in a standard forum.

Please do:

  • Search for answers before asking questions.
  • Be professional and share what you know.
  • Ask and answer clearly, in English, and with proper grammar.
  • Cite the source of anything you post or upload, if it isn't your own original content.

Please don’t:

(Users that do any of the following may have their posts and/or account deleted without warning.)

  • Be unprofessional, insulting or use profanity.
  • Post anything that is, or appears to be, in violation of the law.
  • Promote any product or company that is in competition with IDAutomation.
  • Post anything that does not relate to the current category or thread.
  • Promote any viruses, spam or malware of any kind.
  • Misrepresent yourself, claim false credentials or expertise.


You may answer and comment on any thread according to the Terms and Conditions.

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